About the birth of our German Shepherd Puppies


German Shepherd Puppies Birth Story

It was on March 16 that we began to think, any night, any day now….and we had better go to sleep early, in case she wakes us up.  March 17, St. Patrick’s day, she tried to go under the porch, but it wasn’t until 3:30 that our son Stephen woke us up with “she’s really whining”.  Actually, Stephen woke Stuart up, and I (mother of 12) got to sleep through this early labor :D.  It is always nice when someone besides me gives birth.   So, I got to “sleep in”, but then had to run to the school to bring our high school aged son home before school had even started, because Shia had gone into active labor by 7. Thankfully, we arrived back home just in time for me to witness the birth of the first puppy, a female, at 8:09 am.  Oh, it’s been a little while since I’ve watched the birth of puppies, but Shia did great, and began the first of about ten thousand licks for the day.


We waited about 1/2 an hour, until the first male was born at 8:44 am.  Then began a long wait.  We remembered the story of another pregnant female German Shepherd, that had already delivered 10, but because her owners had had an x-ray, and knew that 13 were in there, they went, after a 2 hour wait with no pups, to have a c-section to “save” the other 3 puppies.  We had decided not to have an x-ray, since we didn’t know about the safety of this for the pups, and we honestly don’t like to interfere that much medically.  So we began our wait, and Shia received a few prayers over her during this time.  I did laundry.  I actually FOLDED laundry.  I did dishes.  Stuart took a nap.  (Well, he had been up since 3:30!).  Stuart mentioned to me, “hey, doesn’t blue cohosh help women have contractions?  Do you have any”  I didn’t, so we went online to see how long others had to wait in between pups.  Read a Veterinarian who said some pups were born 24 hours apart!  OH MY GOSH, we certainly hoped this was not the case, since she was very big!  Another place said 1-2 hours, another said if no more pups after 4 hours of her temperature returning to normal, then take her in (to the vet).  Just then, Daniel let us know she was having contractions.

11:04 am second male born, and of course we’re elated.  I had said that once she gets going, she’ll probably have them fast.

11:22 am third male born, “yesssss”

12:01 fourth male born.  Then a big wait/rest for mama again.

1:49 fifth male born, “are there any girls in there?”

1:58  second female.  Then it appeared she might be done…..but it was merely another waiting time 🙂

5:04 third female

5:14 fourth female

20140318_115100   20140318_204242

All born healthy, and we are very thankful we never had to take her in.   Here is a record of their birth weights:

Female 1 lb 3 oz

Male 1lb 2 oz

Male 1 lb 4 oz

Male 1 lb 3 oz

Male 1 lb 3 oz

Male 1lb 2.5 oz

Female 1lb 4 oz

Female 1lb 1 oz

Female 1 lb 4.5 oz