About Us

Our approach to breeding German Shepherd dogs is to attain to the highest standards possible for the breed.  We take their health, temperament, bone and joint integrity and muscular strength very seriously. Our goal is to produce beautiful, graceful, intelligent animals that are loyal, loving and protective of their families. We strive to create the best possible environment for our dogs and puppies so that our buyers can know that they are receiving the best German Shepherd puppy available anywhere.

In the past, before we were married, Stuart owned and bred four top notch German Shepherds. Beri was a 110 lb pure black  male with a high level of discernment. Angel was a 90 lb black and tan female who was a loving, devoted friend. Then there was Bruchko, a high energy and intelligent 95 lb black and tan German Shepherd who’s father was the first German Shepherd ever to win the national agility trials. And there was also Nikki, loyal and protective, yet calm and sweet. In between we also have had Akitas, and an Australian Shepherd but  I have to say that the German Shepherd’s intelligence and willingness to obey have compelled us to return to and become loyal to this breed.  The German Shepherds we have had have always been from the best working lines and have made wonderful family pets. 

Our dogs live with us and among all of our children, of which there are 12, and other family and friends are over often, so they are well acclimated to people, lots of people and children, and other animals.  We have cats, birds, guinea pigs, a rabbit that sometimes hops around the house, chickens, and a turtle.  I’ll admit we can’t leave the rabbit alone (yet) with Shia, since the rabbit tends to be viewed more like a meal or toy. But there may be hope for the pups, though, that they won’t chase rabbits, if that’s what you want! After all, German Shepherds aren’t good rabbit dogs. If you want that, you’ll have to get a Beagle!

Anyway, now you know more bout us.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

stuart @ puppiesgermanshepherd.org