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German Shepherd Puppy

Litter “C” Available May 13-14



Born March 18, 2014.  These pups are all very robust and cute.  Mostly black now, but with some touches of cream, red or tan color on their undersides, faces and paws.

Shia and V Zeagar had a total of 9 puppies:  5 males and 4 females

Shia is a very good mother, constantly attending them.

Here is a record of their birth and birth weight

About our Shia Pretty Girl

We obtained Shia as an adult dog and have 9 children living at home (we have 12), so we have her around infants through high school age, and lots of people are always around.  You would think a dog would try to find a place (like under the table), where she won’t be stepped on, but our Shia Pretty Girl loves to be wherever we are, be it in the kitchen or schoolroom, even if we have to step over her, which seems to be her choice most of the time! So the point of this is that she loves people, and wants to be around where most of them are.  There has been no trouble leaving her alone in our home and she is loves to go for rides in our vehicle as well, never getting car sick or tearing things up if she has to be left alone in the vehicle for awhile.

Even though she is 3 and 1/2, she is eager to please and quick to learn, and I know we could train her to do anything we want her to.  Her calmness with the children is amazing! And at the same time, she is extremely alert:  If I walk downstairs in the middle of the night, even though she is in another bedroom downstairs, she will be there to meet me before I’m halfway down the stairs!  You can just tell she notices pretty much everything going on around her.

She does not bark, unless someone is at the door.  She will howl, however, in fun, when we howl with her! 🙂

Since we have not had her from a puppy, and have in fact only recently gotten her, to have company over and have them think that we’ve had her forever the way our little ones hug her, and she is so good with them, says a lot about our German Shepherd, and her temperament, judgment, and discernment.

All of these things and more are what we love about our Shia Pretty Girl, and with her breeding to top-of-the-line German Shepherd V Zeager v TeMar, we are confident her puppies are of the highest quality!

Puppy German Shepherd

German Shepherd Puppies:  before you buy:

  • Do you like to take walks or jog?  Your German Shepherd will want to do this daily.
  • Please read a book about training, or watch some youtube videos, to get understanding on how to easily train your puppy.
  • Brush their hair regularly, especially when shedding.
  • Will you keep it outdoors, or inside?  It really just wants to be a member of your family, and will best serve you if treated as such.

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

1 week old

1 week old


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